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Got my exact address on the first try. Tiny app, worth having.


Would be excellent ,but gives my neighbors address instead of mine when I open . A friend of mine has the same app and has the same problem. It seems to be accurate away from home but does not give my own address accurately.


It even found my obscure rural address in seconds. All you have to do to send the results to someone is click "copy" (which adds the address to the clipboard), open email and hold down to paste. Because it is so easy to use I made sure my wife has it on her iPhone in case she needs emergency help. This app makes it super easy to call and explain exactly where she is. Then I can plug the address into my iPhone GPS and go change the flat tire......

Misleading app

I have installed & deleted this app about 10 times, and each & everytime i never get the app that is described in the screenshots. What i get is showing only Copy & Map, i never see the Share tab or the info "i" & i always get an iAd pop up right in the middle. I have brought this up to the developer several times through the problem reports & their direct customer support e-mail & still to this day have never recieved a response back. The app overall works as advertised, the location shows up and you are able to copy the address as well as view it on the map, but when they claim that you can share it by e-mail or sms, that it does not do. I am using an iPhone 4 running IOS 4.2.1 so i should be able to get what is advertised, but instead i get an app with limited uses. I hope the developer reads this and makes a major change to this app so that it either matches the screenshots or it does as it is advertised and stops misleading comsumers.

Very pleased

I am very pleased with this application. I have tested this app around the greater Seattle area, and can validate that it does get a very good approximate address (good enough to guide somebody to you).


Does what it says. Not the precise mailing address but great for when you need to know the street and close enough address to let someone know where to find you.

Love it!

I cannot believe the average rating for this app. I live in Philly and this works great; even better than my TomTom. I wanted to give it 4.9 stars, 0.1 stars reserved for features. Suggestions: (I know some of these are very hard). Display map above the address. Create a database of landmarks and display them (school, museum, etc) Display personal location-specific notes at appropriate addresses Alarm when arrived at preselected (from contacts or typed) address. Display friends from contacts, when near their home. Allow calling the contact with 1 click. Etc. Etc.

Need fixing

It gave me one address and won't give me anymore locations, get it fixed and I will give a better rating

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